At SWVS we take an integrative approach to the care of our patients. An integrative approach means that we are able to use ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Western medicine together to provide the best of both worlds. We are also able to incorporate chiropractic and therapeutic laser. 


Services we provide for your Horse

Horses are our passion. Ken and Marlene condition and compete as long distance riders in both Competitive Trail and Endurance. We are also familiar with most of the equine sports both Western and English. This experience gives us the ability to understand and treat most of the conditions we are presented with. We can assess your horse for lameness, body pain, illness or dental problems and use chiropractic, acupuncture, therapeutic laser, Chinese herbs, equine dentistry and Western Medicine to diagnose and treat your horse. We also provide preventative care such as vaccination, parasite control and nutrition advice. Learn More


Services we provide for your Dog or Cat

Small animal medicine is becoming a significant part of our practice. Our dogs and cats enjoy a comfortable couch if they desire where they are examined and treated. Our integrative approach to diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions is very successful and well tolerated by patients and owners. All of our cases are medical cases since we are not equipped for small animal surgery. We can assess your dog or cat for lameness, body pain or illness and then use chiropractic, acupuncture, therapeutic laser, Chinese herbs and Western Medicine to diagnose and treat your pet. We can also provide any vaccine requirements. Learn More


Services we provide for Large Animal

We live in rural central Alberta and livestock is still a part of our practice. We can provide service on your farm for beef cow/calf operations including vaccination, parasite control, ultrasound pregnancy testing, bull breeding soundness, obstetrics and post mortems.

We also provide consultation and service for the cervid industry. We are accredited for export to USA. Learn More

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